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Next Level Recruiting

Attract Job Seekers & Speed Up Hiring

influencing marketing

Apply modern copy-writing techniques to
job descriptions

social media optimization

Advertise on leading social media platform. Ad directs job seeker to modern landing page to review details.


Job seeker in the driver’s seat by scheduling their first interview on the spot after they provide info and answer a couple of qualifying questions.


Includes reviewing text for inclusive language that appeals to diverse job seekers

Get a free proof of concept

Market Test Briefing
  • Use the Next Level Recruiting method to market 1-2 of your open positions
  • Free copy, graphics and landing page is included
  • Job will be marketed on Facebook. We’ll help you set it up; you will pay ad fee directly to Meta based on your budget.
  • Integrations or automations with your applicant tracking system are not available with your proof of concept. They are available options if you continue with a paid service.
  • The Valenta team will be with you to make recommendations and troubleshoot as needed throughout the marketing timeframe
  • Once your ad closes, we’ll meet with your team to review results.
  • Testimonial highly appreciated if happy with the results

Ready to supercharge your new hire’s on-boarding experience?

Try our next level on-boarding service!
  • Automate the administrative tasks including setting up system log-ins, ordering equipment, adding new employees to distribution lists auto-enroll in training and much more!
  • Start engaging your new hire from the time of the offer. We can design a digital welcome experience to include custom video messages from company leaders, a welcome board from co-workers and information/activities to immerse your new hire in the company culture and values
  • Provide the ultimate foundation from day one to begin your employer relationship in a positive way and see your retention levels increase

Level up your HR and talent function

with Valenta’s other services designed to provide the ultimate employee experience, gain efficiencies and cost savings through automation and prepare your business to maximize your greatest asset: your employees!
  • Augment your team without adding headcount. We have virtual HR professionals to help with hiring, on-boarding, generalist and HR analytics.
  • Get your workforce ready for your future business needs through implementing Valenta’s Talent in Motion program designed to identify your top talent and get them on a targeted path to grow their skills and experience
  • Modernize your performance management program and increase employee engagement as well the results for your business
  • Automate processes such as interview scheduling, assessments, pre-hire tasks, on-boarding, personnel file set up, people dashboards and much more
  • Ready to start leveraging interns and college hires? Valenta can help you develop a program that complies with college/university recruiting requirement and helps you compete for top talent on campus



Week one : sign NDA, service agreement, onboarding / discovery meeting


Week two : creative development, review & approval


Week two, three & four : ads run and job seekers schedule interviews


Week five : analyze results and provide feedback

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